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Comex Pro (France)

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COMEX PRO was set up by COMEX in 1972 to satisfy the growing demand of the subsea industry for reliable and technically advanced manned and unmanned diving equipment. COMEX PRO integrates the unique overall capability of the COMEX Group to design, test, manufacture and commission hyperbaric equipment.

COMEX PRO carries out large research and Development programmes to supply the diving industry, navies, research centers, hospitals, etc.

Web site of 'Comex Pro' :

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Bail out rebreather used with a Comex Hydralite.

Version similar to the BOS 2 rebreathers used during the record dive HYDRA VIII at 534msw

┬ęcopyrights for this object are held by Comex Pro

One of the last rebreather produced by Comex Pro. It has a transparent cover.

┬ęcopyrights for this object are held by Dominique Breheret