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La Spirotechnique (France)

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La Spirotechnique known for the commercialisation of the AQUALUNG designed by Cousteau and Gagnan. Funded by Air Liquide in 1945.

Web site of 'La Spirotechnique' :

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Info on the rebreather and on the CG45

Must have book about the 70 years of La Spirotechnique

Aquamatic II

Very simple mechanic which won't be damage even if water enters it accidently.

BI-FORMAT underwater camera using 28X28 cartridges or 24X36 cartridges.

Uses Magicubeds X.

Wide angle lens 35mm underwater and 26.5 in air.

Diaphragm from F/8 to F/22

Version Aquamatic before having changed its name to Formaflex.

©copyrights for this object are held by Dominique Breheret

Calypso Phot

Simply the first underwater camera manufactured.

The Calypso Phot was manufactured by "La Spirotechnique" in 1962 (distributed by US-Diver in the USA), it was designed for Jacques Yves Cousteau in 1956, by the Belgian engineer Jean De Wouters.

Nikon bought the design and renamed the camera to NIKONOS. Not many were made, hence a very desirable collectors item.

Several versions of the calyso phot have been manufactured, the only major change being the removal of the 1/1000 shutter speed which was not really of any use for underwater pictures.

This version is the earliest, you can see the original box and bulb flash. I am missing the original user manual if anyone has one feel free to contact me.

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©copyrights for this object are held by Dominique Breheret

This version has lost the 1/1000 shutter speed

©copyrights for this object are held by Dominique Breheret

This one has a different label "Calypso Phot"

©copyrights for this object are held by Dominique Breheret

Camera TV Spiro Thomson

Complete set of underwater television system with its lenses, housing, external view finder, wide angle lens, TV monitor and batteries.

This setup has had several improvement over the years, and was own by a Dimitry Rebikof's collaborator.

Complete setup

©copyrights for this object are held by Alexandre Clifford

Spiro Fulgor

For Kodak camera Spiro Fulgor as seen in "La Spirotechnique" catalog in 1974

The back of the camera housing is made of plain glass