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Siebe Gorman (UK)

In 1837 August Siebe designed and manufactured the first hard hat helmets base on John Deane's idea.

3 bolt

Rare 3 bolt made by Siebe Gorman, similar to Rouquarol and Denayrouze design.

Also known as Continental Pattern

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Admiralty Pattern 6 Bolt

This is the iconic British Navy diving helmet by Siebe Gorman.

In perfect condition.

©copyrights for this object are held by Tim Partridge

Sea Crown

Only seen in a Siebe Gorman catalog where they write the following: " Dry frogman's suit with integral helmet of glass fiber with visor; incorporating breathing connections for use with any type of breathing circuit and suit inflation cylinder".

If you have more info about this interesting helmet, don't hesitate to contact us.

The helmet was only a prototype and was built to work with a rebreather. The helmet did not use a neck dam, but rather was attached to a dry suit neck yoke. It had an oral-nasal mask and a wrap-around polycarbonate face visor. The visor was hinged and could be opened sideways. The white shell was fiberglass.

©copyrights for this object are held by Gary Harris

Scanned from a catalog